Installation of Fire Fighting System

fire fighting equipment company in karachi

Fire Alarm System

“Fire alarm system”, Addressable & Conventional Fire Control Panels, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Fire Alarm Bells, Sounders, Flashers, Manual Call Stations, Fire Resistant Cable, Installation of Fire Alarm System, Configuration of Fire Alarm System, Programming of Fire Alarm System, Testing & Commissioning of Fire Alarm System

Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler System Supply & Installation, Sprinkler K-Factor 8.1 Coverage 14′ x 14′ Pendent Type, ELO, Pendent Type, Chromed, Standard Response, Alarm Check Valve, Gate Valve, Fire Booster Pump, Mild steel pipe, Seamless pipe, CW pipe Schedule 40, Installation of Fire Sprinkler System, Testing & Commissioning of Fire Sprinkler System

FM200 Fire Suppression System

One stop shop for complete fire fighting solution FM200 HFC-227EA, Flexible discharge hoses, Electric control Head, Leaver Operated Control heads, discharge nozzles, Warnings FM200 Plate, Pipes, fitting Stubs, Tees, Elbows, Reducers, Estimation & Installation & Refilling & Maintenance of FM200 Fire Suppression system, We deals in UK & USA made FM200 Automatic Fire Suppression systems

Emergency Exit Lights

Emergency Exit Light Sign Boards with Battery Backup, Flush & Semi Flush Wall / Ceiling Mounted, Poly-carbonate & Metal / Metal for Housing, Above 30 LED, Battery Backup, IP Rating 20 & 65, 1 year Guarantee, CE Certified etc….

CO2 Fire Suppression System

Automatic CO2 Fire Suppression System Supply & Installation, Environmentally safe gas, colorless, odorless, electrically conductive and efficient clean fire suppression agent, Stored in steel fire extinguisher cylinder as liquid, no residue on cleanup….

Fire Doors & Fire Walls

Fire Rated Doors and Fire Rated Walls with Fire resistant Insulation Material, 45mm Door Thickness, Mechanical Interlocking with visible seam on both sides, 1.5mm thick Galvanized Steel Sheet, Frame with single / Double Rabbet with Depth 150mm, Tested UL 10 (B) NFPA 252

Personal Protective Equipment PPEs

Safety Helmets, Safety Gloves, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles, Fireman Suit Nomex, Fireman Axe, Hammer, Breathing Apparatus, Full Face Mask, Half Face Mask, Filters, Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs, Full body safety harness, Safety Reflective vest, Eye Wash, Eye Wash Shower Pakistan made, USA made etc….

Rescue & Security Equipment

Rescue Equipment, Police Security Equipment, Army Security Equipment, CCTV Cameras, DVR, IP Cameras, Walk-through Security Gates, Metal Detectors, Security Car Checking Mirror, Life Boat, Life Jacket, Flare gun, Marine Evacuation System, Panic Button, Ship Security Alert, Throw Bag etc

Safety Audits & Trainings & Services

We are providing services of Refilling / Recharging of Fire Extinguishers, Training, Audits, Installation of Fire Alarm System, Fire Hydrant System, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems to a wide range of our clients….We offer an integrated range of Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Certification, Inspection & Audits, Medical services to a wide client base in both the private and public sectors, locally and internationally.

Road Safety & Packing Adhesive Tapes

Barricades, Channelizers, Lights, Arrow Boards, Variable Message Signs, Pavement Marking Products, Flagging & Safety Apparels, Sign Shop, Safety Cones, Packing adhesive Tapes, Transparent Tapes, Brown Carton Packing Tapes, Colour Tapes, Masking Tapes, Printed Packaging Tapes etc.

WaterProofing Chemicals Pakistan, Leakage Treatment and Installation Services & Geo Membrane Installation Services

We deals in Waterproofing Chemicals Pakistan, Geo Membrane, Geo Textile, Heat Proofing Treatment, Spray Roof Waterproofing Treatment, Water Tank Leakage Seepage Treatment, Roof Heat Proofing Service, Bathroom Leakage Treatment, and water stoppers to provide the complete safety solution for your premises

Storage Tank Manufacturers, Steel Fabrication, Steel Structure Manufacturers, Prefabricated building manufacturers, Turnkey Project Fire Fighting System Design,

Abdullah Anti Fire Corporation offers dedicated teams to provide design, installation of storage tanks, like fuel storage tanks, diesel storage tanks etc. and Steel fabrication, pipeline construction, maintenance and technical support services with its cutting edge fire detection technology and fire protection specialists.