Water Type Fire Extinguisher


A very efficient and cost effective method to combat certain types of fires. Water acts to reduce the temperature of the burning fuel. Water type fire extinguisher is suitable only for Class A Fires. but not for Class B,C,and D Fires such as burning liquids, electrical fires or reactive metal fires.


Manufactured using special cold rolled steel sheet with automatic Argon/CO2 welding process. Each extinguisher is internally coated with PVC resin using whirlsinternig process and externally with polyester powder electrostatic paint finish for maximum corrosion resistance. Safety valves are provided for release of excess pressure. Fire Extinguishers are having controllable discharge for optimal usage.


Water is an effective agent against Class A fires. It is conductive and cannot be used for electric fires. Water type fire extinguisher are efficient and cost effective against Class A fires involving Paper, Textiles, Wood, Plastics, Rubber in Schools, Theaters, Restaurants, Store rooms.

Sizes and Availability of Water type Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers 9Ltr, 10Ltr

Singly Extinguisher on Wheeled Trolley 25Ltr, 50Ltr, 100Ltr

Supply of complete range of fire extinguishers and spare parts , UL listed, FM Approved, Kite Marked, British Standard, CE, EN, Import from USA, Europe, Middle East and China.

Our Services & Refilling & Maintenance

Refilling of Water Type Fire Extinguishers at Automatic Plant, Pressure Testing, Maintenance, Coating, Pick and Drop, Mobile Workshop,  Service Contracts and Training.

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